Killam Fellowship Spring Seminar in Washington, D.C.

Hey friends! Welcome back to the blog. Thanks for bearing with me as I took some time to soak up my last moments in the Arizona sun. It was lovely break: I am coming back refreshed and happy to be writing again.

This week, I thought I would share some happy thoughts and photos from the Killam Fellowship Spring Seminar in Washington, D.C. It’s now been almost a month since my trip, which makes me think “wow! how fast time flies,” but also has given me a little time to reflect.

The trip, like the Fall Orientation, combined both academic components (panels with guest speakers) and cultural components (visits to museums and monuments), but my favourite part was perhaps the other participants. Being in D.C. was lovely reunion for those I had the pleasure of getting to know briefly in Ottawa in the fall or, in the case of a select few who did their exchange in the GTA, a reunion of the temporary Torontonians, whom I got know better (and love) through lots of sweet dinner parties.

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Taking a Brief Hiatus

Hi friends, welcome back! The school year is coming to a close, just as my time in Tempe, which is both bitter and sweet, as they say. In order to focus on finishing my semester and also enjoying my last days of sunshine, I will be taking this week (and maybe next) off from the blog. I hope you will join me on upon my return (things to look forward to in coming blog posts include my trip to D.C. as well as my post-grad plans– stay tuned!). Sending you love and light in the meantime. XX.

Featured image by Laraib Mughal, who is an amazing photographer based in Tempe/Phoenix, AZ.

All the (Queer) Soul Affirming Feels at Phoenix Pride

To those who’ve seen or chatted with me lately,  it’s been very apparent how homesick I’ve been. My homesickness, like so many other things, has been a mix of overlapping and contradicting emotions. I’ve been missing my home community a lot: thinking about how I can be myself with my friends from home, how they know me and love me in so many ways. When you are away from the things that bring you comfort, you tend to romanticize them, to make them different than they truly are.

When I think about my communities in Toronto and in Ottawa, I think that everyone is supportive of my identity and my choices. The funny thing about that idea is that I’ve not been explicit to many of my “back home” friends about my sexual identity before; I often just assume that they know that I’m bi. Canadian loves, this can be my coming out to you if I never said it out loud before. 


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6 Easy Tips for Carry-on Only Travel

Since I first left for my exchange in December, I’ve already been on 11 flights. Pretty crazy, eh? While I’m so grateful to have been able to travel a good bit during my exchange, I’m also excited to settle down and have my feet firmly planted on the ground come mid-May…
Anyway, my desire for a little normalcy/stability/routine is not the point of this post though; instead, I want to share some of tips for travel — with only a carry-on bag!
  1. Layers are your friend! Going to multiple climates on one trip? I did this when I visited San Fran and then went directly to Chicago! I learnt to pack lots of layers so as to be prepared for any weather. Also! Wear your layers.  

  2. Little plastic bags. OK, I know, not great for the environment, but from my point of view, totally justifiable if you re-use them. I fill one with my liquids/gels, as per airport rules. I then fill another with my makeup and other cosmetics. You don’t technically have to do this, but it’ll help you see everything you’re bringing and that way you won’t accidentally pack your not-allowed-on-the-plane-manicure-scissors. Finally, I use another plastic baggy for all my electronic cords and my headphones. That way, they’re all together, not getting tangled, AND I can see right away if I forgot a cord in my hotel room (before I get to the airport!). 

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Qui suis-je? 65 questions aléatoires sur moi-même

Salut! J’ai adoré répondre aux questions sur moi-même l’autre semaine, alors j’ai décidé de faire une nouvelle série de questions mais en français!!! Voila…

  1. Tu dors avec la porte de la chambre ouverte ou fermée ? Fermée maintenant que je vis avec des colocs.
  2. Emportes-tu les échantillons de shampooing et de gel douche des hôtels ? Parfois – mais seulement si ils sont super bons.
  3. Tu dors dans un lit bordé ou pas vraiment fait ? Bordé ! Je dors tellement mieux quand je fais mon lit le matin.
  4. As-tu déjà volé un panneau dans la rue ? Non, ce n’est vraiment pas mon genre.
  5. Utilises-tu des « post-it » ? Oui ! Comme étudiante en littérature, c’est super utile pour garder mes pages.
  6. Découpes tu des bons de réduction pour finalement ne jamais les utiliser ? Lol – oui !!
  7. As-tu des taches de rousseur ? Non.
  8. Souris-tu sur toutes les photos ? En général, oui ! Mes parents m’ont pas payé des broches pour rien…….
  9. Comptes-tu les marches que tu montes ? Non.
  10. Danses-tu même s’il n’y a pas de musique ? Je danse constamment. Continue reading “Qui suis-je? 65 questions aléatoires sur moi-même”

Where in the World? Chicago, Illinois

Thanks to the Killam Fellowship Mobility Program, I visited Chicago, Illinois, for the first time last week — and got a taste for the winter weather I’ve been missing out on now that I am living in the Southwest!


My trip to Chicago was one of diverse exploration: from city landmarks to American LGTBQ history to art. Once in Chicago, I quickly realized that I am no longer used to the cold thanks to living in the Southwest, so I headed to the Art Institute of Chicago to warm up and look at pretty things. The Institute is fantastic! It is a huge, well-curated museum, so I had plenty to explore for hours. One of the highlights for me was the sections on Impressionism and American Modernism, because we discussed these two movements in my course “Modernism Across the Arts” at York in fall 2017. I even got to see the famous “A Sunday Afternoon at the Island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat. I was so pleased that I immediately emailed my professor from last semester!


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