When Life Gives You Apples, Make Cider!

By some miracle, it’s starting to finally feel like fall! The weather is cooling down, the days are getting shorter, and the fall harvest is bountiful. Luckily for me, I got to make apple cider for the first time this weekend! Myself and two friends got on the bus from Toronto and made our way to the Hart House Farm with plenty of other apple cider enthusiasts.


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WUSC Glendon Rides for Refuge

Last weekend WUSC Glendon participated in the Ride for Refuge in Toronto. This was our second year participating in the event and so far we have raised $1250 for WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP)!

Ride for Refuge take places every fall and raises funds for various charities around Canada that provide “refuge and hope for displaced, vulnerable and exploited people.” As usual, WUSC Glendon raised funds for WUSC’s Student Refuge Program, which is an initiative that combines refugee resettlement and higher education. What is so unique about the program is that it is done on a peer-to-peer basis, meaning that current university students sponsor incoming student-refugees. As of this year, the program has sponsored about 1700 students!


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Killam Fellowship Ottawa Orientation Highlights

This coming winter, I will be embarking on a semester long exchange at Arizona State University thanks to the Killam Fellowship, an award from Fulbright Canada. While I don’t leave for Arizona until December, my exchange journey started a couple weeks ago when I went to the Fulbright Canada Fall Orientation in Ottawa.

The orientation provided an opportunity for all the American Fulbright recipients and all the Killam recipients (American and Canadian) to meet in one place and share lots of interesting moments: be they cultural or academic! Join me as I share some of the highlights of the weekend below…

My name tag from the conference!

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The Best Memories Are Food Memories: Summer 2k17

I don’t know about you, but I always remember my trips based on what I ate while I was away… If you’re new to my blog a) welcome! b) you’ll soon realize that I’m high-key obsessed with good food and love love love to try new things — especially from a new place.

I also love that food can jog such vivid memories of beautiful moments. I’m feeling a little nostalgic so please join me as I share some pics and stories of some of my most memorable eats from this summer. I’ll be sharing food from Québec and Nova Scotia that have got me longing for those hot summer days — and the food I ate while on vacay!

To start, here’s the smoked babies I ate at Poissonnerie Lauzier in Kamouraska! It was my first time having smoked eel (yum!) and also pickled sea asparagus (it’s the green stuff!). The sea asparagus was kind of chewy, but not in a bad way. It mostly tasted of vinegar, but again, not in a bad way! I love that vinegary taste. Also, it was so exciting to get to eat delicious smoked fish on the daily!

Here we have some smoked sturgeon, trout, salmon, eel and SEA ASPARAGUS!

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Long Distance Relationships: Part 1

What’s the hardest part of living away from home? Yes — there is adjusting to a new city, figuring out how to be a good student… But on a Saturday night, when you just wanna chill with your BFF, sometimes the hardest part of living away from home is being so far away from your loved ones.

Some of my closest relationships are with people that I don’t get to see on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. While this can be challenging, I’ve learned that long distance relationships, be they romantic or platonic, can be truly rewarding. So, welcome to part 1 of my series on long distance relationships! This one features my long distance bestie Alberto. The format of the series is simple: I send out 7 questions to my featured loved one and they respond as honestly as they want! Then, I comment below on their answers in italics. Happy reading!

Us in Madrid in 2014

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Post-Exam Season To-Do List

You’ve finished exams! Congratulations! Chances are you’re pretty tired and maybe a little lacking in Vitamin D from all that time in the library… Well, not to fear, I have some suggestions of a few activities to get you back to your pre-exam, non-sleep deprived self!

  1. Remember that placed called “outside”? Get out there! Soak up that Vitamin D! Sit outside in the sunshine with your friends. Go for a walk. Either way, don’t make too strict plans and if you can, give yourself a full day to just go with the flow.
  2. Along the same lines, remember “nature”? Change your mind space by getting out of your house and looking at plants. Go to Allan Gardens Conservatory or Cloud Gardens Conservatory… Look at these beautiful leaves!IMG_2219
  3. Make yourself some food! Maybe you’ve been eating a lot of frozen pizza lately and that’s OK, but your body would probably love some greens. If you’re looking for some healthy inspo, check out my other post: Nourishing Your Body: End of Semester Recipes
  4. Be selfish! Need a day to just chill out? Maybe binge watch your favourite show for hours and hours? Do it! You deserve it.
  5. Did you have amazing professors this semester? Write them a “thank-you” note! Professors don’t often get them and, like anyone else, would appreciate your positive feedback! Here’s some cool advice on writing thoughtful “thank you” notes… Lemony Snicket’s Thank-You Note Advice
  6. Go on a “photo safari” – which is what my dad calls walking around town with the sole purpose of taking pictures. I love this activity because I get to see my favourite parts of town in a new light OR get to discover a new part of town! Toronto is huge and I’m always discovering something new…

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Thanks to the Profs that “Get it”

I want to put on paper (so to speak) something that has been brewing in my mind for months and is important enough that it will not go away.

In the fall (2016), I had to deal with a very significant family crisis. One so important and all-consuming that I left my apartment, my campus and my city, in order to go to Ottawa to be with my loved ones. Most of what happened “on the ground” as in, in my sister’s bedroom or at my boyfriend’s parents’ house where I lived while outside Toronto, is still painful and I am not sure I am ready to talk about it here. Like most issues, its resolution is still in the making months later. I read something recently about needing to be able to understand your own experiences, for them to not be painful anymore for you to be able to really help others move forward with their own issues. So, anyway, when that time comes, I’ll probably blog about it.

Until then, here is the heartfelt thanks that I want to give the professors I had first semester who helped me cope when I really needed it…


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